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The struggle is real. If you find it extremely hard to find the time you need in the day to get healthier, if you want to make healthy changes but have been unsuccessful in the past- private coaching may be what you need. Click here to learn more about my new 1:1 coaching program.

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Faith in All Things…Especially Yourself!

Making Healthy Mexican Food Can Be Easy and Delicious Too!

Syracuse Area: Insanity LIVE has started and registration is currently open and ongoing. Lots of different payment plans depending on your individual schedule. Wanna sweat and smile?  Click here for more info.

VacationCountdown! If you are planning a getaway click here for some tips that can help you prepare for your vacation or next big event!

The better the vacation, the harder it is to get back on track. But getting back on track is key- it will help you feel better and help you to NOT feel guilty about enjoying yourself the next time you go away. Click here for a few easy tips to follow to get you back into a healthy living lifestyle (whether you went on vacation or not)!


Don’t be afraid to start something because you think you can’t do it. You’re only competing against yourself. Even the most challenging workout can be modified and to see how click here.

What could you do with 5 lbs of cooked chicken? How about healthy chicken salad one night and chicken quesadillas the next! Plenty for dinner and lunch the next day.

chicken again

Turning an unhealthy recipe into a healthy and equally delicious one! Yummy Pulled Pork– perfect for summer.

pulled pork on a roll

Latest BLOG post on finding time to workout during these busy spring months and modifying your workouts.


Mouthwatering Spaghetti Squash Lasagna!


Tastes Like Gourmet- Without Taking the Time: Country Chicken Stew

IMG_5141 (1)

Click here for amazing before/after photos from recent challengers!

Tacie December pic collage (1)

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Meatless Meals including Roasted Acorn Squash with Mushroom Sauce


Pumpkin Turkey Quinoa Chili

IMG_4041 (1)

 Balsamic Roast Pork Tenderloin

cooked pork

The Hardest Part is the Beginning


Chocolate Protein Crepes!

phonto (33)

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Butternut Squash Chili

phonto (1)