Lighter, Leaner and Healthier after the 3 Day Refresh

I was very skeptical when the 3 Day Refresh came out a little over a year ago. If you’re not familiar with the Refresh, it is like a cleanse- designed to drop a few pounds in a hurry. I’m a girl that likes her food- and I firmly believe eating clean 80% of the time can get anyone where they want to be. I don’t like short term fixes- it’s not real world eating and it always backfires. I kind of lumped the Refresh in with all the short term fix “diets” that are out there.

Then last summer one of my Challenge Group participants came to me and wanted to try it. She was not a quick fix type of girl. She participated in multiple groups with me and over time lost weight by eating clean 80/20. She knew not to deprive herself and simply plan her meals and plan for her treats. The reason why she wanted to try the Refresh- was that she was going on a 2 week vacation overseas. She didn’t want to set herself back a couple months by enjoying herself over 2 weeks. So she did it- and within 3 days was back to her pre-vacation weight.

I loved her reason for trying it. She wasn’t looking for rapid weight loss, she simply wanted to get back on track after her epic vacation- and that’s exactly what she did. From that point on- I started offering 3 Day Refresh groups for people in similar situations- but I never actually did it myself- at least not the entire 3 days of it. Until now.

I came back from an amazing 9 day vacation the Saturday before Labor Day- and I started the Refresh this past Tuesday- finishing it yesterday. I had my biggest Refresh group yet- everyone wanted a detox after the busy summer and especially after the NYS Fair.

Here is a quick snapshot of what my 3 days looked like. I woke up and immediately drank a big glass of water (but I do that anyway) and then I had a serving of fruit (peach). After my workout I had Chocolate Shakeology blended with water and ice only. The Refresh has several guilt free flavorings you can add to your shakes and food- so I sprinkled some cinnamon in as well. Coffee is not forbidden- but it’s discouraged and I didn’t miss it- which surprised me. I had pumpkin spice herbal tea instead- and it was delicious. Around 10 am I had the fiber drink- the only part that didn’t taste especially good. I mixed it with cold water and chugged it down.

FullSizeRender (80) FullSizeRender (79)FullSizeRender (84)

Around 11:00 I had a Vanilla Fresh Protein shake- again blended with ice, water and cinnamon. The Refresh gives you multiple veggie options to choose from- I chose based on quantity so around 12:30 I had a cup full of sliced cucumbers and 2 tblsp hummus. Around 2:00 I had a half banana, and at 4 another veggie option- this time it was 5 baby carrots with hummus (there are other healthy fat options- but hummus is my favorite).

FullSizeRender (81) FullSizeRender (83)

Dinner was organic vegetable broth seasoned with paprika and coconut steamed veggies which were absolutely delicious. So good I had them the second night as well. On Day 3 I chose the veggie stir fry (you have 9 total choices for dinner). Around 8:30 I had my second Vanilla Fresh shake- this time with some pure almond extract added.

FullSizeRender (82)

Throughout the day I drank a ton of water! And each day I had at least one more cup of tea too. Yes I was hungry- that was to be expected. But it wasn’t that bad- and today I woke up feeling GREAT.  For me personally- I plan to do the Refresh twice a year- after the holidays and after summer vacation. Not to lose weight- just to get back on track after a period of time where 80/20 is more like 40/60.

I’ll close with a comment that was posted in my Refresh group today.  “I feel great. My weight is back to where it was before my fair binge and that was my goal….so mission accomplished. I have set a new goal for myself to get to before the holidays and then plan on a refresh in January. My jeans are a bit loose today….which is an awesome feeling!”

Yes it sure is!

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